Kyma Seven Crash Course

kyma seven

Kyma Seven Crash Course


The Kyma Crash Course’s aim is to introduce attendees to a variety of sound synthesis
and live transformation techniques using Kyma “the Holy Grail of sound design”.


Its final objective is to develop essential programming knowledge in the Kyma 7.1
environment, in order to independently build instruments for sound design applied to
Cinema, Audio/Visual Installations, Music Composition and Sound Art.
It will take place in Rome at Millenium Audio Recording Studio,  March 7-11, 2017.


Discussed Topics:


Introduction to the Kyma 7.1 sound design environment.
Sounds e Sound Objects.
The new Sound Editor.
The Timeline.
Capytalk: Numbers, Expressions,Triggers, Boolean Logic and more.
Virtual Control Surface Editor.
Mixing e Spatialization.
Spectral Modifiers.
Time Domain Modifiers.
Control Domain Signals.
Galleries everywhere.
Real-Time Performance Models.


A quick survey in Digital Sound Synthesis: Additive, Granular , FM, Formant, Tau,
Convolution, Multi-Layered Convolution, Slipstick Synthesis, Modal Synthesis,
Spectral Tools, Chaotic Oscillators.


Utilities and External Controllers: iPad, Wacom Tablet and more.


Complexity Lab: algorithmic construction of complex signal flows using Replicators,
Scripts and Frames.


Spectral Lab: Expanding Kyma’s already amazing spectral resynthesis and modification
capabilities to new heights using Frame data transformations.


The course’s duration will be 5 days (Monday till Friday, 8 hours per day) and will be held
in both Italian and English (if foreign students will enroll).
Subscription deadline is 20 February 2017.
In order to start the course a minimum of 4 participants is required.
Tuition fee is 650 Euro.


c/c UniCredit
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Teacher: Federico Placidi, Gustav Scholda.


Federico Placidi is an Independent composer, researcher and performer. He studied
Double Bass in Rome, Electronic Music Composition and Conducting in Vienna, and he
attended several Master Classes in Paris at Centre de Création Musicale Iannis Xenakis
(CCMIX) with Agostino Di Scipio, Trevor Wishart and Curtis Roads.
Since 1996 he’s also a Sound Design for new media, and he collaborated with several
post-production studios and Composers as Musical Assistant, Sound Designer and
Software Developer, using custom tools developed with Kyma and Max/MSP.
He has been active as a teacher as well, both in public and private institution like Centre
de Création Musicale Iannis Xenakis” (CCMIX),IITM and many others.
He is the co-founder of the collective U.S.O.Project and owner of the net label:
Synesthesia Recordings.
He collaborates with many other artists including Ana Topalovic, Edua Zadory, Todd
Barton, Agostino Di Scipio, Thoranna Bjornsdottir, Andrea Young, Domenico Sciajno,
Eduardo Carlo Natoli and many others.
He lives and works in Rome.


Gustav Scholda is an experienced Sound Designer and educated “Tonmeister”. He used
to work in audio post-production but in 2013 he discovered his real passion: Kyma. By
now he is quite well known for his blog ( and his spectral processing skills
and modules.


The NeverEngine Labs is where Gustav Scholda and Cristian Vogel are developing a
suite of libraries (aka ‘Galleries’) which extend Kyma in the spirit of the core values of
Symbolic Sound.
The whole experience is designed to feel educational, deep and rewarding at the same
time – like Kyma itself.


Symbolic Sound: Kyma