Control Room A

Control Room A (mq 25) – Millenium Audio Recording

Mixer D&R Cinemix 2 (72ch 5.1 rec/mix) with Moving Fader


n.02  Tannoy DTM 12 II,

n.02  Zingali 8830 Studio Monitor

n.02  Yamaha Ns 10M

n.02  Zingali 9008 Studio Monitor

n.02  Zingali 9006 Studio Monitor

n.05  Genelec 1030A with 01 Sub Genelec 1092 (5.1 System)


n.02  Amcron PSA 2,

Crown Dc 300 II


Computer Apple 8-core 12 Gb Ram

Pro Tools HD3 (10.3 software release)

Merging Pyramix 9.0

Merging Horus 32in /16 Out

n.04  Avid 192 i/o

Apogee DA 16X

Apogee AD 8000 (full option)

PC i7 con Merging Pyramix 9.0

Merging Horus 32in /16 Out


Tc Electronic System 6000 with Icon

Lexicon 480 L

Lexicon Pcm 91

Eventide DSP 4000

Tc Electronic M 2000

Yamaha Rev 7

n.03  Yamaha D 1500

Korg A1


Manley VoxBox

Avalon 747

Millennia Media HV 3B

Focusrite Isa 110

Focusrite Red 1

Focusrite Red 2

Focusrite Red 3

n.02  Focusrite Red 1

n.03  Mastering Eq RCA

n.02  Urei LA 4

n.04  Neumann Mic Pre

Joemeek Vc2

Summit EQF 100